Small Steps Big Difference

As a fashion brand, Andorine is committed to design clothes for passionate kids, through an increasing sustainable production environment, that will lead to a brighter future for the planet and its people.

Fashion Industry is one of the largest polluting industries in the world. The global demand for clothing has increased significantly over the decade and what we call as “fast fashion” is putting our future planet at risk. Rapid production fueled by the costumer’s demand for the latest fashions has a big environmental impact.

Andorine has been working hard since the start looking at solutions to reduce its environmental impact, such as using responsibly sourced and natural materials, as well as working with local suppliers that provide a fair work environment.

Selected Network of Suppliers

Our products are manufactured through a selected network of suppliers located in the north of Portugal, which not only ensures the process’s integrity and guarantees the maintenance of ethical production practices at every step of the process, but also helps our local economy.

Eco-conscious Materials

We are working towards a more responsible material sourcing, to ensure our clothes are made using the more sustainable and natural materials, such as organic cotton, linen, Tencel, viscose, recycled polyester.

We are also committed to animal welfare, using only faux furs in our garments, promoting a cruelty-free environment and a modern sense of style and fashion. 


A sustainable, ethical and social philosophy starts with the design. It’s Andorine’s vision to develop standards and practices for designing garments that comply with the principles of sustainability and can make an impact in our future generations. 

Our purpose is to design stylish pieces made with the utmost quality, that can be versatile and last longer, that can be easily reused or recycled, for a less wasteful fashion future.

We are also putting our efforts in developing a collection more and more gender-inclusive, created without a specific gender in mind, that all children can wear comfortably. The unisex line reinforces one of the brand’s purposes - Andorine makes clothes for creative children who want to express their personality.

Future Generations

We as a brand also have the responsibility of passing this message to the future generations, the children that wear our clothes and will become the tomorrow’s adults. Through our clothes we aim to be teaching them about sustainability and its impact on the planet and on the wellbeing of those who inhabit.